Friday, October 20, 2006

Hello and welcome fellow strangeness enthusiasts!

This is where we'll be posting everything we think is strangeworthy and cool. Who are we? My lovely wife Shirley and I, and of course YOU GUYS! Sometimes I'll be posting and sometimes Shirley will be posting.

What's really cool though is that you can post your comments too! So if you find anything around the house or out in the yard or in town or at the bar or at the grocery store or on the internet (or anywhere) that's "strangeworthy" then by all means take a picture of it, write a little article about it and come back and post it here.

If you don't feel like making comments and you would rather have your article FEATURED here there will be a SUBMIT YOUR POST link in the sidebar for you to submit your posts to us via email.

We will be putting up a site feed (powered by FeedBurner) here as well. This means that all the content on this blog will be syndicated and spread across the internet like wildfire! Cool huh?

If you can see the submit form or the site feed icon in the sidebar that means it's already installed and you should subscribe now to get updates. It's very un-intrusive and it will remind you to come back and post the strangeness that you find. It will also let you know when your posts go up on the blog.

If you don't check your RSS reader alot then use the submit form. It will send you an email when the site is updated. We're not selling anything here and this is just for fun. All the subscriptions are handled by so it's completely safe and we would NEVER give out our friends email addresses. You will never have to worry about getting spammed here.

Stay tuned! The strangeness will commence very soon! I already have a few things up my sleeve. ;-)


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