Sunday, July 29, 2007

Build Your Own Flying Electrokinetic Craft? Wow!

Did you know that people have discovered how to use high voltage electricity to propel a craft through umm... "whatever"? It's pretty amazing.

This is called the Lifter Project. I learned about the lifter project about 3 years ago while I was searching the web for info about gravitational propulsion.

Here's the jist of it: You take some tin foil and a wire and glue it to some balsa wood in a certain configuration then apply like 20 thousand volts and it propels itself.

People all over the world are building them. There have been over 350 successful registered Lifters replications Worldwide according to the JLN Labs Website

Apparently Lifters don't use conventional methods of propulsion. They use the Biefeld-Brown effect which means it uses ions to propel itself off of the atoms around it.

The trend has caught on so much that even NASA is experimenting with it now.

JLN Labs has been working hard to develope modular lifter panels in order to design a craft which is larger and can carry more payload. For more about modular lifter panels visit this site.

To learn more go to the JLN Labs Website and browse around. You can learn how to build your own lifter there too.


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