Sunday, September 02, 2007

Time Goes By Super Fast!

This is a cross post from the new Strange And Cool blog. I've been working on the site a bit and I've got a welcome message and a couple of pages up. One of the pages is the About page for the blog called "Not Just A Technology Blog" and the other page is a bio page about me called "Who Is Bill Watson". You might find them interesting. The bio page is pretty darn long though. I lost track of time while writing it, uhm, so I wrote a post about that too :-) heh

Here it is:
Time Goes By Super Fast!

I hope you like it.

I'm attempting to install a community site at the new domain. I'll let you know what happens with that soon. :-)

And for those of you who are interested in me writing an explanation of my Salvia Divinorum Experience, you will just have to wait. I'm not ready to write about that right now. Give me some time to think about it some more. I don't think I'll be doing Salvia for quite some time. That was all the enlightenment I needed for awhile. :-)

Peace out!

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Bill said...

Wow it's been a long time since I wrote this. Uhm Well the community site didn't work out well. There were some essential components that they wanted me to buy and I didn't think it was worth it. And the salvia thing? No more of that since the first time and I'll never do it again. So anyway check out the new blog I just made for the restaurant I work at: The Pizza Factory in Ocala, FL.