Monday, July 30, 2012

People will do ANYTHING for money.

"Russian research project offers 'immortality' to billionaires - by transplanting their brains into robot bodies".

The article comes from a UK website called the "Daily Mail" which is a controversial website to begin with.

The article goes on to say that a Russian ENTREPRENEUR who heads a hi-tech research project called 'Avatar' has contacted billionaires through Forbes magazine to offer them immortality by transplanting their brains into a robot body. The project is expected to be production worthy within 10 years.

"Itskov, a 31-year-old media entrepreneur, says that he aims to transplant a human brain into a robot body within 10 years."

Right. This is an entrepreneurial scam to rob rich people of their billions folks. 

This article did spark our curiosity about brainwave research though. The article says that our government is creating or has created a device that can interpret our brainwave signals into legible patterns they can use to read our minds. 

After doing a little research about this topic we've found that this isn't far from becoming reality. 

In the future soldiers will be able to control robotic surrogates (among other things) with only their minds.

Stay tuned because we'll have more information about this and similar technologies soon.

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