Thursday, September 01, 2016

Back Surgery Update - MRI Online indicating "impingement on nerve roots" in several places.

I managed to get a copy of the text portion of my MRI so I'm posting it so everyone can see it (I will have the picture soon). The scary part is where it says "impingement on nerve roots" in several places.

Here's the link:

There's not much else to report except that I've had a few days off work because my back locked up pretty bad. I couldn't put any pressure on my left leg at all for a couple of days. So I went to the chiropractor today and got a massage and light adjustment. It helped a little but I still have to be careful how I move.  
I'll only be out of work for a few weeks after the surgery so I'm not asking for much. Even the smallest donation of $5.00 adds up and it's ok if you can't but please share this on your Facebook. It only takes a second and sharing is caring :-)
Shirley keeps making me do the ice pack thing and making me stay in bed and sitting down as much as possible. So it's been starting to feel better since yesterday. She's been getting on to me about not using my cane to go small distances like to the bathroom, kitchen etc.

She's right though. I should listen to her because it pinches more when I don't use the cane. My left leg aches all the time now and it's getting worse though.

The surgeon's office called today and went over all the prerequisites for surgery and asked a bunch of questions and explained a few things to me. Basically I can't take anti-inflammatory or aspirin until after the operation in order to prevent excessive bleeding
(yikes!) AND I can't have ANYTHING after midnight the night before the procedure.

They explained to me a little bit about what exactly the doctor will be doing during the procedure but my cellphone was flaking out. I heard that they are lasing the discs to relieve pressure and something else that I couldn't understand because of big medical words and stuff.

Surgery is scheduled for 7:30am so I have to be in Tampa by 6am. So I'll be up at 2 O'clock waiting for them to come pick me up. The facility is providing transportation for us there and back.

I can't stand being at home this much. I only missed 4 shifts and I was out for 3 days but I'm so sick of watching Maury and Jerry Springer already that I can't stand it.

I really hope it doesn't take three whole weeks to recover from this. They said "up to" three weeks so I'm keeping my fingers crossed that it doesn't take that long.

I NEED to get back to work tomorrow no matter what because we're going to be running low on money soon and we can't rely on this because I can't help but keep thinking "what if no one else donates?". I'm sure you know what I mean.

I'm pretty sure that after tonight's and tomorrows rest I'll be able to take deliveries, stand there and answer phones and do menial tasks like sweeping and dishes at least.
Please visit our gofundme and share. It's the greatest thing you can do to help us besides donating.
Working the kinks out
At the clinic

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