Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Halloween Was Lot's Of Fun This Year

Halloween is so much fun sometimes!

This year we went to Shirley's brother Joe's and took the kids trick or treatin'. Shane steered clear of me the whole time because he was scared of my costume. Maybe it was the voice changer box :)

But Owen (the little one) wasn't scared at all. Shane had a cool little ninja costume. Man I wish I could be a kid again just for a day. :) Wait a minute! i kinda was! :)

Spiderman was there with his two little princesses too. They were the superhero's of the entire day. :)

Shirley and I cut a cool pumpkin with a stencil we got from wal-mart the night before.

And Shirley dressed as a kitty cat. That's her with her bag of candy. She's just a big kid at heart. :)

We also saw Sponge Bob The Pirate at one of the houses we visited. I've never seen Sponge Bob look so scary!

And Joe Went as Shaggy from Scooby Doo. Owen is the one with the choo choo train outfit. I told Joe that next year he should go as Shaggy again and I'll go as Scooby Doo. We'll make Joe's wife Velma and Shirley will be Daphne. And we're gonna make a scarecrow out of straw that looks like Fred and drag it around then tell everyone Fred got killed by a monster!

We had fun this year!

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