Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Technology Is Getting Smarter All The Time

I went to Walgreens a couple days ago and saw this cool game I had to have. It says "I Can Read Your Mind". The game is called 20Q (stands for 20 Questions).

When I got it out of the package I read the instructions and they say just think of something (any every day item) and it will ask you some questions and guess what you are thinking. So I thought "yea right, impossible".

So I started to play. I thought of something, a hammer I believe it was, and I commenced to answering it's questions. Well I'll be damned if it didn't guess it! I was AMAZED! So I thought maybe it was a fluke. There's no possible way this thing could ask me a few questions and guess what I was thinking every time. So I tried it again. Time after time this freaking thing guessed EXACTLY what I was thinking of! By this time I was starting to get upset! So I tried to trick it. Well come to find out it doesn't do so well when you lie to it, and it's not as much fun either.

I tried it on my friends and it freaked them all out.

Then I read the package and they have a website that's pretty interesting as well.

The web version is way more complex than the retail version but it's still alot of fun. The web version actually LEARNS as people interact with it via some sort of AI programming. I was utterly impressed with this thing.

It's made by Radica Games.

If you wanna check out the web version you can visit their website below but I strongly recommend going to walgreens and buying the actual retail game itself. It's alot of fun and it will absolutely amaze you and your friends.

Click this link to check out the web version:

Have fun.

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