Thursday, August 09, 2007

Are Aliens really just Astral Beings?

I know that sounds crazy! Some people don't believe in either but when I was a child I had some strange experiences regarding aliens and what I thought were "bad people" or "monsters" in my dreams.

When I was very very young, probably only 2 I had a dream that these four skinny grey guys with big heads would come to me in my room and escort me through the closet door (I mean right through it, it was closed!) towards the east side of the house. After entering the closet we were transported to a room I had never seen before.

It was a big room. There were white lights all around but I couldn't tell where they were coming from. In the middle of the room was a black swivel chair with someone sitting in it. He was very dark. I could barely make out his face and he spoke in a toungue that I did not know. Hell I was only 2 I could barely understand english even. But I knew it didn't sound like when my parents talked. It was jumbled and garbled sounding. But somehow he conveyed his intentions to me in a vague sort of telepathic way that was hard to grasp. I was confused as to the real intent of these guys. (Since then I have forgotten what he wanted me to do but I remember it was very questionable to whether it was right or wrong, I was confused). In the back of my mind I started to think that I couldn't trust what they were conveying to me. And I had this gut feeling that maybe they were evil in some way.

Don't ask me how I remember all this. I was only 2 and this is the only thing I can ever remember from that time frame in my life. My grandmoother has asked me several times about trips to tennessee and canada we took when I was 2 and I could not remember anything from that time. Except this dream.

Anyway in the dream something happened. They were all communicating with each other about something. Something that had to do with me. I felt like they were trying to come up with ways to manipulate me. That made me panic. And it also made me mad. And as soon as those feelings hit me they all looked at me for a second and then they all grabbed me and dragged me back though the closet door to my bed.

Paralyzed, I watched them walk back through the closet door and disappear. After they were gone I noticecd a green ball of glowing light at the foot of my bed. I was still paralyzed but as the light started fading and getting dimmer I notice a heavy weight being lifted off me and eventually I was able to move again.

It was all too real to me then and I will never forget it.

A few years after that when I was about 4 I started having a different recurring nightmare about "The Man In The Closet", You see, there was this man in my closet that would only stick his hand out the crack in the closet door and he would reach out to me calling my name and asking me to help him. This only seemed to start happening after I had fallen almost asleep and then "he" would appear. I was so damn scared I would never get out of my bed and I would hide under the covers until I forced myself to wake up.

After a few weeks of this I guess I got fed up with it because this night would be different. As I started to fall asleep I heard the man calling for me in a really soft voice billy.... billy.... help me.... all you have to do is take my hand. This time I was mad, but I felt almost paralyzed in fear at the same time. So by this time in my life I had learned a little about God from my grandmother and I think that empowered me to get my ass up, walk over to the closet door and yell at him. "You're a bad man!" I said, "and I don't like you! Leave me alone!" And then I slammed the closet door shut on his hand. After that I heard a sound like a man falling several stories and then nothing. I never had that dream again after that night thank God.

I've had a few astral experiences in my adult life from practicing and learning techniques by Robert A. Monroe and they were similar to those 2 dreams. Especially the dream with the skinny grey guys.

So now I'm starting to think that the aliens people are seeing and reporting being abducted by are actually from the astral plane and they are not a physical manifestation in this space/time.



Apple Oracle said...

I had similar experiences. I think they attack you and manipulate you in your dreams when you are in a subconscious state - because your mind will accept weird things much easier than when you are conscious. So they manipulate you like that.

The way I drove them away was through a combination of prayer to Jesus and via turning my fear into anger and then projecting that anger back at them like a "patronus" to use a Harry Potter term :)

It worked great. They haven't bothered me since.

Bill said...

I'm glad that worked for you. I haven't had any dreams like that since either. As a matter of fact. I never have nightmares anymore either.