Wednesday, August 08, 2007

I Wanted To Tell The Story Of One Of My UFO Sightings.

This isn't really super spectacular or anything but I wanted to share my experience anyway.

It was late June of 1999 and about 4 of us decided to go horseback riding right at dusk. We went to the barn and geared up the horses and headed out to our usual riding trails.

By then it was dark and to get to the trails we had to ride down the main entry road to the farm and across one of the fields.

As we were riding I saw what I thought was a shooting star and I said hey "looks guys it's a ..." and then it hit me. This was not a shooting star.

This pinpoint of light came barrelling out from the tree line. The tree's on either side of us we're about 1/4 mile away. Which means from treeline to treeline is about a half a mile.

Anyway, I saw this thing come from behind the treeline to my left and no sooner than I was able to say something it had made it's way almost halfway across the clearing. This thing was high. I mean really high. So high you couldn't even hear anything and you could barely see it unless you were looking right at it.

Everyone else got a glimpse of it going over ther horizon right after I said something about it. They didn' see it very long though.

It took this thing about 8 seconds to travel from treeline to treeline. Up over the horizon from the trees to the left about 8 seconds across the sky and then disappeared over the trees to the right. It had to have been several miles high because for one it had no sound and secondly it was just a tiny pinpoint of light. Just barely visible.

I can't imagine anything we built travelling that fast.

Everyone was amazed. We talked about that for days afterward trrying to figure out what it could have been.

I'll share more of my experiences (I have a few strange experiences to share with you) as soon as I get a chance to write them down.


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