Thursday, August 30, 2007

Astronomer Claude Poher Announces Experimental Success Of His Gravitation Theory:

Claude Poher announces that he succeeded in proving by experimentation that his gravitation theory was correct, and registered patents applications in France and abroad for a working gravitation control process.

I went to his website and most of it is restricted but you CAN find out lots more info there. Once I got logged in I found a whole bunch of neat stuff to read. If you click on "SITE OF THE SCIENTIFIC STUDY OF THE OBSERVATIONS OF UNIDENTIFIED AERIAL PHENOMENA" it takes you to another menu where you can read about just about any aspect of interstellar travel you can think of. It looks like he covered everything and it's pretty interesting.

In another section of the site I found myself enthralled in reading what he has to say about the UFO phenomenon.

Here is an out-take from the "General Information About The UFO Phenomenon" page.

"From time to time, during history, strange things have been observed in the sky. In 1946, a series of such observations were made in Sweden, and, since 1947, observation reports of Unidentified Flying Objects (UFO's) have become more numerous in France as well as in the totality of the countries of the world.

Such observations continue nowadays, in increasing number and strangeness.

UFO observations have been reported to GEPAN, in France, by a quite large spectrum of the population, often through the local Gendarmerie (Country police, directed by the army). Members of the Police and the army have also been witnesses of these phenomena.

Observation reports are also coming from persons having a high degree of technical or scientific education, and they are the same as those coming from the less educated."

There is a large amount of information at this site and not alot of pictures but it still kept my interest for a couple hours so it's definately a good read once you get past the wierd signup process. :-)

See Claude's website at:

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That is the link of the patent of his invention