Thursday, August 30, 2007

Youtube for Scientists

Interest is growing for a new video sharing site created especially for scientists and developed by The National Science Foundation, the Public Library of Science, and the San Diego Supercomputing Center.

The site is called SciVee. It is in it's alpha stage and hopes to help demystify important scientific research papers by letting researchers post accompanying videos that serve as more approachable guides to their work.

SciVee will offer video production tips and guidance as well as allowing professors to make their videos available as podcasts.

They plan on adding lot's of other features to the site too, such as the ability to create and customize your own personal profile and the ability to join or create your own science community.

Personally I can't wait to see what's going to happen with this site. I expect some very interesting content coming from SciVee in the near future.

Click Here to check out the SciVee website.


Bob Johnson said...

Thanks for finding out about this, I wasn't aware of it

Bill said...

No problem at all Bob. Maybe we'll see you on SciVee some day. :-)

Armand Rousso said...

It is initiative that scientists can use actual technology and free technology to improves their skills.

Armand Rousso